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Last modified: October 26, 2015

Writing a term paper that involves critiquing an article is a standard requirement in any university or educational institution. Each university and its course may have its own requirements and formats for article critiquing.

Our academic writing help offers you a few general guidelines that should satisfy the main requirements.

First of all the article for review has to be selected. Some tutors specify the type of article, year/s of publication, from where it has to be procured, such as from the university library or the department data bank, and also the minimum number of pages the article should be. The best course would be to select certain keywords based on the course syllabus or chapter in the text book and choosing three or four articles that are suitable.

Reading the article thoroughly is very important, as that would give a proper insight into the actual subject of the article and also help in analysing it. The final article for the critique can be selected from this process.After choosing the article and reading it, the next step is of course writing an essay on it. Article critiques are generally divided into three parts: Part 1 – Identification of the Article, Part 2 – Summary, Part 3 – My critique.

Part 1 – The identification of the article means that the name of the article, its author/s and other publication details like the date/year, name of the journal/publication, the page numbers of the article in the journal, the publisher and the place of publication. If the article has been accessed from the internet, then the URL and date it was accessed are necessary. These details should be written in the proper citation format required by the university.

Part 2 involves writing the summary of the article in about two or three paragraphs at the most. The summary should be written in the third person, without repeating the words used by the author/s. The summary should give a clear idea of the thoughts and ideas of the author/s on the subject and not your own.

Part 3 is your own take on the author’s views and opinions. There can be two points of view: for or against and you can take either. The points in your argument must be succinct and clear without and ambiguous language. Moreover, showing examples from the reviewed article to support your arguments is compulsory. For instance, “Although the author says that …….., it is often noticed that it cannot be true because ….” Or, “I agree with the author when he says that ….” Proper justifications must be given in both cases. Evidence for your argument can also be based on other articles or papers that you must cite in the proper manner. To round out the essay, the other point of view must also be explored in a few sentences.

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