Wireless Sensor Network in Agriculture Research

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Last modified: October 26, 2015

Wireless Sensor Networks or WSN are electronic instruments and radio networks that can be used to monitor conditions from a remote and extended area. WSN consist of sensors that are programed

to register the desired conditions in the place they are located and transmit these readings through a network of radio signal to a central receiver from where they can be directed to the memory. The data from the memory can be retrieved periodically and processed and analyzed. The central hub of this system is the processor that directs all these actions in the appropriate manner. Some WSN also use GPS (Geo Positioning System) to determine and transmit their signals. A power source that is portable or accessible is important to operate the whole system.

WSN can be used in many fields, agriculture being one of them. The uses of WSN in agriculture include monitoring weather conditions, managing diseases more effectively, increase crop production, assist rural communities, increase food nutrition, reduce pesticide and make agriculture more environmental- friendly. Modern technology such as WSN support in upgrading and developing the agricultural farms situated in the rural regions.

WSN has also its used in other research fields such as in human health and medicine. Because these technological tools are expensive, agencies like the U.S. government and others have allocated ample funds for research using WSN. Funding for projects using Wireless Network Technology on agriculture can be obtained from federal and state government agricultural sectors, agricultural research services that support sustainable and organic research in agriculture, and other private agencies or trusts The limitations of WSN: – The existing IT infrastructure needs to be revamped significantly to obtain the full potential of the system; – The overabundance of data generated by thousands of sensor nodes may overwhelm the system while limiting the usefulness; – The reliability of WSN in agriculture is still unverified and considered risky (Ning Wang et al., 2006).

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