Special Education

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Special education is the education offered to students who have difficulty in learning due to various reasons. These students may have disabilities, physical or mental, that stand in the way of learning at the level of their peers.

disabilitiesSome children have disabilities that are apparent, while others have disabilities that are more difficult to identify. The education of these children is done one a one-to-one basis, tailoring the curriculum to suit their needs and abilities. Resource rooms equipped with educational technology tools and services are generally used to help these children to learn more efficiently.  The educators or teachers who teach such children are trained especially to cater to their deficiencies.

The children with difficulty in learning have to identified and the nature of their disability is found out. Children with specific learning disabilities (dyslexia) – like in learning languages and math, mental retardation, multiple disabilities, emotional disturbances, visual, aural or speech impairments, orthopaedic problems, injury to the brain, autism are those in need of special education.

 pencilsAs the problems of each of these children are different, individualized instruction, problem-solving tasks and intensive coaching are some of the methods used in educating them.

In order to provide such individualized attention, there has to be the active involvement of not only the special educators, the parents, school administrators, and other teachers who teach the general subjects have also a hand in helping these children learn effectively. Inclusive education, where such students with special education needs are accommodated in ordinary classrooms with children of their age group, would help in integrating such children into their community and the general society. Resource rooms are provided for such children for their special coaching needs and therapies with the special education teacher, therapist and/or social worker. This is to provide them with more privacy and also to help in concentrating on their special learning activities. Resource rooms are meant only for the additional educational needs of these children and they spend the rest of their school hours with their peers in the general education classrooms.

Special education is also called Additional Educational Needs (AEN), Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Learning Difficulties and Disabilities (LDD). The children with SEN, LDD and AEN may not need such interventions throughout their lives and the needs may be confined to a particular period in their lives.

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