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Reflective essays are different from the usual run of essays in that, they are not based on what others said or did but on your own past experiences and knowledge. Reflective essays, as the very name implies, reflect on your take on the subject under study and thus always personal and subjective.

Reflective essays can be of four types: they can be about what you have learnt about the topic or subject throughout the term or year and what you think about it; or it can be a reflection of how you have carried out your research, what difficulties you faced and how you overcame them; or it could be a portfolio cover letter on your experiences during the term and how you have used your strengths and coped with your weaknesses and reflective essays are also part of the college application where you are asked to describe an experience , person, book or author who influenced a change in your life and steered you to where you are now.

Although the reflective essay format is also made up of the introduction, body and conclusion like any other essay, it is different in that it is your personal views about the subject that are important rather than what you have read or researched from others’ works. This essay is also different in that it is usually written in the first person as it is you own thoughts and experiences.

The introduction should be a brief explanation of the topic assigned or chosen and form a preview into what you are going to discuss in the rest of the essay. Remember that, while your reading and research from outside sources are mentioned, it is your point of view that is important. The body of the essay could consist of a logical and coherent development of your main thought or idea and its various points regarding the subject of study. The conclusion should reflect your thesis statement and show what you have learnt from the experience, person or book and how this has made a change in your life.

It is important that you also mention the negative issues that you have encountered and how you overcame them. This would serve to show how good you are at learning from experiences and adapting yourself to the changes that are part of life. Reflective essays, after all, should reflect the good and bad incidents that you have come across and how you were affected by them.

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