No Child Left Behind

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Last modified: April 6, 2017

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Under the No Child Left Behind Act, the George Bush government made it mandatory that all schools in the United States receiving funds from the Federal Government have to administer a standardized test every year to all their students and conducted under the same conditions. This test is not so much for the grading the students and their learning ability, but more to find out the teaching quality and standard of the teachers and schools. This test is also based on the AYP or the Adequate Yearly Progress that expects the school to better their percentage every year.

no child left behindA school found showing poor results year after year will come under the Department of Education’s scrutiny and must take adequate steps to improve the results within two years. Such schools will also be declared publicly as needing improvement. Student of these schools may even be afforded opportunities to change schools.

The advantages of the no child left behind regulations

This rule is meant to keep the schools at their highest level of teaching standards. The expectations of this AYP act include teachers who are highly qualified as well as a single challenging standard to be set for the students. However, the states are allowed to determine their own qualification and challenging standards. The curriculum standard, on the other hand, must be the same for all students of a particular class in all the states.

If a school still does not show improvement , the school has to suffer various penalties such as helping their students achieve better grades through  special tutoring programmes or extra classes for which the school has to bear all the costs. There could also be large scale replacement of teachers, or special curriculum recommendations. There is also the threat of a total closure of the school or its transfer into private or government run agencies to restructure the whole system of the school’s education methods.

Let us examine the pros and cons of this issue: on the positive side, this act keeps the schools and teachers aware of the impact of the educational system on the nation as a whole and keeps them improving from year to year. However the nay-sayers point out that the act does not improve student education because the teachers are more focussed on the test and its results in their teaching and the actual and effective teaching and learning stands to lose.

A majority of the parents feel that the children get more individual attention because of NCLB and the constantly improving the performance standards. However, many parents are of the opinion that the one-size-fits-all test is detrimental to the progress of the brighter students. Also, the rules and paperwork involved over-burden the teachers.

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