Multiracial people in the US

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Last modified: October 26, 2015

The abolition of slavery and the legal recognition of inter-racial marriages in the past gave a boost to the diversification and integration of the people originating from different races in the U.S. that has resulted in such a person as President Obama,

who hails from a multiracial background, being elected to the highest position in the country. The more liberal laws enacted in the recent past have served to increase the numbers of such persons constantly. There are predictions that at the end of the next four decades, the multiracial population in the US would grow to occupy one-fifth of the whole.

Purity of the races was once considered essential for societal acceptance and status. Persons of mixed-races were deemed inferior to the dominant White population – genetically, mentally as well as morally and labelled “mulatto”. These multiracial people were placed lower than the White as well as the other races. Since law reforms legislated in 1967, mixed marriages have been legalized and multiracialism is conferred with a more broad-minded approach, but even then most of the recognition was restricted to the bi-racial, Black/White descendants. The 2000 census brought in the due recognition to multiracial people and permitted them to assert their rights to the cultural inheritance from both the parents. Multiracial rights have been refined still further, since the election of President Barack Obama, and accorded rights to the multiracial to claim membership in both the monoracial as well as multiracial groups.

The social identity of persons categorized as multiracial, as compared to those belonging to a single ethnic group, is of great interest to social scientists for conducting researches. When sociological studies demand research using a multiracial base, researchers usually find it difficult to conduct their studies smoothly. This is because of certain safeguards that have to be followed to sustain an ethically responsible and culturally sensitive approach when handling a study on multiracial individuals. However, it is seen that even now many multiracial individuals themselves are unaware of their multiracial identity and lack personal beliefs and values about it.

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