McGuire’s Information Processing Model in Persuasive Communication

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Persuasive communication is an integral part of advertising strategy in Communication Science and writing an essay on the McGuire model an essential prerequisite for the course. Here is a free essay on the McGuire model.

McGuire of the Yale University prepared the Information-Processing model from his studies on persuasion in the 1940s. This model demonstrates the changes in attitude and behavior in response to persuasive communication. The six conditions for bringing about this change are outlined by him:

  • the message must be presented (presenting the problem of agenda control)
  • the message must be attended to (presenting the problem of inattention and selective exposure)
  • the message must be comprehended (presenting the problem of selective perception)
  • the message must be accepted
  • the message must be retained
  • the message must lead to behavior change


These factors make it imperative that choices in the kinds of communication employed, the message content, the channels used for propagating the message, the targeted receivers or the audience of the message and the desired behavioral changes that are expected to follow subsequently, all have a profound effect on the method of persuasion as they influence the attention, comprehension, and the acceptance of the message to ensure effective communication. Hence it is important and crucial to examine the manner in which each of these variables construct the attention, comprehension and message acceptance, in order to understand the other variables such as the reliability of the communicator, fear appeals and the astuteness of the receiver.

Merely accepting the message is not enough. The receiver must then learn to acquire the skills communicated by the message, change his attitude, assign the message content in his attitudinal memory, and to recoup and utilize the retained memory to select his behavior. Whenever he behaves appropriately he gets positive reinforcement and eventually incorporates this new attitude into his habit patterns and cognitive structures. Further, the receiver would, in turn, persuade others into behaving the same way (McGuire, 2001).

But Alcalay and Bell (2003) caution that for a successful completion of this chain, each of the steps in the model must be strong. Even if one of them is weak, the campaign will miss the mark in producing the desired change in behavior. You will not miss your marks on writing an essay such as this for a term paper on Communication Science when you use our academic writing help.

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