Identifying training needs

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Training is an essential part of organizational and employee success.. In order that the training is effective, care must be taken to see that the training is appropriate to the needs of the employees and the organization.

Training is given to employees to empower them with the necessary knowledge and skills that will ensure the optimum results and create a reserve of employees who are not only qualified to meet the needs and objectives of the organization. but also to improve the morale, job satisfaction and development of the employee (McConnell, 2003).

Training needs are different from training wants. The needs are those identified against the objectives of the organizations and the wants are those that are desirable and requested by the employee or the managers to improve the skills of the employees. But these wants are not really essential to satisfy the objectives of the organization.


The figure explains the need for training employees whose current performance must be enhanced to meet future expectations. The gap in their skills sets and knowledge must be made up to achieve this.

In order to identify training needs, the first step is to find out which areas or departments in the organization actually need training. Where the organization is large, with many departments, this may be a little difficult. But areas or fields with the greatest and most urgent needs must be identified first and prioritized for additional exploration.

Departments or sections with new equipment, new rules and regulations, changes in the department personnel or constitution, changes in job assignments or job profiles, and requests made by the senior management for training in a field identified by survey or the gaps in the employee’s performance or those identified through exit interviews or counselling sessions. These are unanticipated requests and can occur at anytime. and should be dealt with on a priority basis.

The other is the planned approach for identification of possible training needs. These are the organization’s required training needs. These may already be identified and training to satisfy those needs also being conducted. But a regular review for improvement and updation must be conducted to keep the training current and relevant. A continuous communication loop with management, supervisor and employees is essential for a successful and pertinent training programme.

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