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Human Resources has become an essential part of any organization. The Human Resource department or wing is multi-functional. HRM or Human Resources Management and HRD or Human Resources Development are two parts of HR.

 The HR in an organization look to increasing the productivity of the employees, enhancing the quality of their work, fostering innovation, fulfilling other of the HR objectives, and bring in change into the organization with their activities. With these aims in view, the functions of the HR are categorised into HRM (Human Resources Management) activities and HRD (Human Resources Development) activities.

McLagan's Human Resource Wheel

McLagan’s Human Resource Wheel

 The functions that the HR undertakes in its management aspect include activities like HR planning for recruitment and staffing of the organization, managing the performance appraisals of the employees, recruitment, selection and appointment of staff, determining the compensations and benefits that are due to the employees, assisting the employees whenever there is any problem, maintaining relations with the union and labor organizations, research into the information systems deployed in their department, Training and Development of the employees in their individuals and group capacity, development of the organization with regard to the Human Resource efficiency, Helping the career development of employees and designing of the organizational and job requirements for better staffing solutions.

Out of these, the first seven are management oriented and concerned with the primary functions of personnel recruitment and its connected activities and labor relations. The last four functions belong to the development of the employees and the organization. McLagan defined these activities of the HRD in 1989. There have been a spate of HRD activities in organizations in the last decade when the management realized the need for the training and development of the employees that will ultimately reflect in the general and overall development of the organization and its business activities.

HRD is the adding of value to the human resources or employees through training and developmental activities to enhance their skills, knowledge, talent and vitality. This training is need based and should be focussed on the objectives of the organization if it is to be effective.

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