How to Write Cause and Effect Essays

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Last modified: October 26, 2015

A cause and effect essay is an investigation into the relationship between two or more phenomena. The happening can be on a social, natural or environmental occurrence. To select the topic for writing

such an essay is easy: just think of any happening around you and find out why and how that was caused. For example, take the subject of poor grades in math. Think of reasons for the poor grades, like lack of attention, impatience, lack of application and inadequate practice. Then, explore each of these causes which you have listed and how they affect the study of math. The result of these causes should be lead to the effect part of the essay. In short, cause and effect essays answer two questions ‘why’ and ‘what’: why did the phenomenon happen or its causes, and what happened or the result/s of the causes.

 Once you have selected the topic and listed out the causes for the phenomenon, try to prove the connection between the two. When you analyze and connect happenings in this manner, your abilities in research and analysis will improve and serve as a basis for future research studies or even in your job or career.

 Just like any other essay, the cause and effect essay is also made up of the introduction, the body and the conclusion. The cause and effect essays always begin by introducing the subject (the result) with a brief look at your opinions (its causes). This would be your thesis statement. This should also be the main part of your title. Explore the background of the subject in a few sentences or paragraphs according to the stipulated length, saying what it is about and its characteristics.

Next is the body of the essay, where you present each cause that you have listed and prove with evidence the link between the cause and the effect. The evidence could be taken from sources like books, papers, the internet (which then should be referenced properly) or what people say or do commonly and of course, your own observation. It is essential to maintain the perspective of your thesis and not deviate or ramble. The causes and their connections to the happening should be placed clearly and succinctly and in a logical progression. There should be a clear development of ideas seen in this part of the essay.

The conclusion would include a summary of the main points of the essay reviewing your evidences briefly.

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