How to Write a Research Paper (Part II: the Introduction)

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How to write a research paper, the Introduction is usually divided into eight sub-sections:

1. The Statement of the Problem: The research question or the thesis statement is the topic on which the research is conducted. This is explained in this section with a brief background to clarify the statement.

2. Theoretical Framework: This section explores the different theories on which the study is based. Each theory is explained along with its relevancy to the present study and the thesis statement. This would involve some references which have to be mentioned in the proper style that is required.

3. Definition of Terms: Each subject has certain phrases, words or acronyms that may not be known widely. Definitions of such terms, based on good reference sources should be written in this section. If there are more than one definition, justify your selection of a particular definition found most suitable by you for your research paper.

4. Methodology: Methodology is the system used in conducting the research.The methodology may be of the qualitative or quantitative type. Whatever the method used should be clearly explained in this section along with the reasons for selecting that particular methodology.

i. Type of the Research: The type of research conducted is discussed in this section with its relevancy for the research.

ii. Sampling or Participants used in Research: The number of samples or participants used in the research, why that number was selected and what types of samples or participants were selected are explained in this section.

iii. Details of the method used like questionnaire/observation/experiment: These details have to be explained in this section. The actual questionnaire /observation / experiment results can be placed in the appendices at the end, but details like what type of questionnaire was used, why it was selected, and what type of (statistical) analysis was used to evaluate the results must be written in this section.

5. Hypothesis/Hypotheses on which the study is based: This section explains the hypotheses or assumptions made from the thesis question, which are investigated in the research. The hypothesis can be in the form of questions or statements. References to previous work by other authors are needed here too.

6. Literature Review: This is a very important part of the research paper and is a study if the various research papers written by other researchers and their findings that could form a basis to build your own thesis. Short and relevant points made by these authors are cited in this section. Some of these findings may be relevant to your research, some may support your findings and some may even have contrary results. But your thorough study of these papers as the background research should be evident from this section.

7. Significance of the Study: The importance of the research in the particular field is stressed upon in this section. There should be evidence to show that your research is unique and very much needed to fill the gaps in the knowledge of the subject.

8. Scope and Limitations: The parameters under which this research was conducted, the areas of the subject investigated and what was left undone due to constraints of maybe, time, finances, lack of material and so on are explained in this section. This serves to place the research in the proper dimensions.

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