Haitians in the US

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United States saw the beginning of the great Haitian migration in the 70s when Haiti was undergoing civil disturbances. What started as a refugee trickle to escape the problems in their country, soon turned into a gush of Haitians

who came to work and live in the US. Initially they faced a lot of problems in integration because they were categorized as colored, creole-speaking aliens and were only given a minority status. But later Miami can to be known as “little Haiti”, from the intensity of Haitians there although there are concentrations of Haitians in Northeast United States (New York and Boston), the Midwest (Chicago), and in Montreal, Canada. Emancipation and freedom were their objectives but were trapped between pride of their native culture and the American prejudice against them. Establishing of a new identity for themselves and their culture and also supplementing a new dimension in American society was their strategy to try and integrate into their adopted society.

The 1990s saw the Haitians becoming more educated and skilled as businessmen and holding higher paying jobs in the private hospitals. The Haitians transformed their national individuality and assumed the African Americans ideologies to lessen the ethnic bias of the Americans. Young Haitians dressed and spoke like African Americans and even changed their religious leanings in blend in.

The “great melting pot”, the United States saw another ethnic group blend into it by modifying its own cultural ethos and adapting to that in the new country. Another fallout of this immigration was the splitting up of the Haitian families who are really close-knit groups. But, the Haitians worked to save money in to help more family members into the US. Their application to improving their educational and skill-sets made them settle into a more respectable level in the American society. The younger generation, however, merged their own identity to that of the African Americans in their language, dress, and religion. Thus they finally accomplished the process of integration into the American society.

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