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The basic essay format consists of five main parts: the Introduction, the Body of the essay with at least three paragraphs or main points and a Conclusion. This basic outline can be modified to suit the subject and the length prescribed by the tutor or college/school.

Now let us see these parts one by one:

The Introduction

The introduction is generally about three things: the Subject of your essay, the general Outline of the essay to show how this subject is dealt with (the three main points in brief) and the last sentence of the introduction paragraph: the Thesis Statement. The thesis statement may seem to be difficult, but is actually very simple – it only explains your title and the argument or the point of your essay. A little background could be added to explain your topic more clearly.

The Body

The Body is the main part of the essay in which you bring out your main points regarding your take on the subject and prove each point with evidence, either from general life or from authors who have researched on the subject. Each point should be introduced in separate paragraphs or sections. Present your point, explain in your own words and state the supporting evidence and relate it to your main thesis statement. Try to make each paragraph different and interesting to make it attractive to the reader and avoid boredom.

The Conclusion

The conclusion is really a recap of the introduction and a brief summary of your main arguments. The last part of the conclusion should prove your thesis statement, either by the cumulative or sequential progress of your arguments.

A general point to note: each paragraph should move smoothly to the next by the use of transition sentences that provide the links between the statements. Only then will the essay be coherent and evolve logically.

References/Works Cited/Bibliography at the end of the essay should be written in the correct style (like Harvard, APA, Chicago etc.) prescribed by the board or university. This is a list of all the papers, books, websites and other sources you have made use of in your essay. Providing the sources and writing the resourced material in your own words will avoid charges of plagiarism.

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