Equivalent Fractions

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Do you need an essay on equivalent fractions? Below is a free essay on the topic, but if you need plagiarism free, custom essays, try our essay writing service. Coming back to equivalent fractions, equivalent fractions are fractions that may look different but whose value is the same. For instance, look at the following fractions:

equivalent fractions

If you observe them closely, you will see that they are multiples of the same fraction.

That is, if you multiply both the numerator and the denominator of the first fraction by 2, you get the send fraction and when this is again multiplied by 2, you get the third fraction. So these are equivalent fractions.The reverse is also true when these equivalent fractions are divided by the same number in the reverse order. Divide 4/8 by 2 and you get 2/4 and this when divided by 2 again gives 1/2.

equivalent fractions

Let us take the fractions 18/36, 6/12 and 1/2. Dividing 18 and 36 by 3 gives 6/12 and this when divided by 6 gives 1/2. So these three fractions are also equivalent fractions that are got by dividing the numerators and denominators of the fractions by the same number.

But a word of caution: the number that is used for multiplying or dividing equivalent fractions should not be zero. Using a zero for multiplying or dividing will result in zero and thus the rule will not work.

If you look at it visually, you will see how this is true: Imagine you are dividing a pizza among your friends:







The division of equivalent fractions by the same number is called as reducing or simplifying the fractions. The numbers that are used for dividing are called divisors. In the above example, the divisors are 3 and 6 and these numbers when multiplied together form 18. So 18 is the greatest common divisor of the fraction 18/36. So, when 18/36 is reduced or simplified by dividing it by 18, the result is 1/2. This proves that 18/36 and 1/2 are equivalent fractions.

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