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Some of the most common topics that appear under human health are eating disorders, digestion problems, and heartburns. Eating disorders is a very common topic that is frequently selected for writing an essay. Here is a free essay on the topic from our essay writing service. Eating disorders are actually medical illnesses that are treatable and they are real and not imaginary as some people believe. Eating disorders are serious disturbances to the normal everyday diet, either eating very small amounts of food or overeating.

These disorders are often seen to co-occur along with other disorders like depression, substance abuse, or anxiety disorders. These conditions are life-threatening if they are treated as soon as possible. Eating disorders are seen to occur frequently among teenagers or young adults. But they are also known to appear in older people or among the younger children.

There are many types of eating disorders and the more common among them are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge-eating disorder. Most of these disorders begin and are characterised by an intense worry about the bodily weight and shape. It is often noticed that the people with eating disorders are highly self-critical, have negative thoughts and feelings regarding their body weight and also food, and their normal body functions and daily activities are disturbed by their eating habits.

Main characteristics of the three most common eating disorders:

Anorexia nervosa:

The person afflicted by this disorder is very thin and emaciated and has an extreme fear of gaining weight and keep checking it often. Their view of body image is abnormal and distorted and their  perceptions of body weight and shape is affected by their low self-esteem. This strong urge prevents them from maintaining the normal weight for their age and build. They restrict their intake of food or nutrition of any type and cannot be persuaded to eat normally and are in a denial regarding the seriousness of their decreasing weight. The loss of the normal weight  affects even the normal menstruation  in the girls and women  who have this condition.

Bulimia nervosa:

People with this condition are usually seen to overeat and consume large amounts of food. This is called binge eating. They are also highly conscious of their bodily weight and shape and to compensate the binge eating, follow it with a round of trying to get rid of the excess food either by induced vomiting, fasting, over exercising or using laxatives and diuretics in high dosages. Some of them may exhibit a combination of these behaviours.

Binge-eating disorder:

People with this disorder also eat excessive amounts of food and have no control over their eating habits. But they do not try to compensate the excessive food intake by any method and start gaining an enormous and unhealthy amount of bodily weight. Because of this, most people with the binge eating disorder are seen to be obese or overweight.


Treatments for these conditions are both preventive as well medication to cure the condition. Preventive treatments could include psychotherapy either individual, group or family therapy according to the needs of the patient, nutritional counselling and talk therapy. Curative measures could include providing the proper nutrition , stooping or reducing abnormal exercising or purging behaviours, and medication using drugs. Patients who are chronically underweight may have to be hospitalised and monitored regularly until they regain their normal weight. Patients with frequent episodes of eating disorders have to be monitored regularly and adequate measures taken as soon as the disorder is noticed to be recurring. But there is still no adequate treatment options for the chronic cases of eating disorders.

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