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E-recruitment is part of the E-HRM that refers to the Human Resource Departments that are empowered by the ICT or the information and communication technology. E-HRM aids the HR by adding value and increasing their effectiveness through improved knowledge management, and establishing intellectual and social capital (Lengnick-Hall & Moritz, 2003).

  Every organization has to first study and understand the dynamics that would impact the decision of the management to adopt in recruitment (Parry & Olivas-Luján, 2011). E-recruitment or online recruitment is among the most advanced systems and widespread in its usage in all the foremost organizations all over the world (Cushway,  2002).

The drivers behind the adoption of e-recruitment are many: traditional call for printed CVs and application forms is time-wasting, less cost effective, and involves screening of hundreds of candidates who are unsuitable for the position. Moreover, there are additional problems in monitoring the references provided by the prospective employees.e-recruitment model E-recruitment, on the other hand, is cost effective, easy to use, and the HR are able to easily target the candidates with the required skills and qualifications for the job, the recruitment process being much quicker with the efficient use of time for the forwarding of the application and the response from the company , more and more organizations are turning to e-recruitment (Parry & Olivas-Luján, 2011).

Companies adopting E-HRM and e-recruitment strategies benefit by the improvement of the transformational drivers of the HR such as releasing more time for their strategic project activities, upgrading of talent management with training in e-recruitment technology and increased responsibility of managers in people management. The numbers of applications processed through e-recruitment is much higher than in the traditional one (Reddington, et al., 2011). Companies adopting e-recruitment show a positive growth by gaining employees with high potential, talent and competence (Girard & Fallery, 2011).

E-recruitment is something that cannot be ignored but the process should conform to all the criteria of more traditional approaches and should be regularly monitored to ensure that it is delivering the required results. It should be fully integrated with other recruitment methods. It is also important to ensure that websites are kept up-to-date and that there is a contact number for those having technical difficulties.(Cushway, B, 2002).

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