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Discrimination is the act of treating certain individuals or groups less favourably than others in the same situation on the grounds of their “colour, sex, religion, race, political opinion, age, discrimination_is_wrong_mugmedical record, sexual preference, trade union activity, marital status, nationality, disability (physical, intellectual or psychiatric), or impairment (including HIV/AIDS status)” (Kelly Services, 2006).Discrimination can be either direct, where the person or group is deliberately wronged or indirect, in which the discrimination is not deliberate but occurs because of inconsiderate behaviour, like venues and classrooms not being wheelchair friendly or the switches and washbasins in washrooms placed too high for a vertically challenged person.

Both direct and indirect discriminations are legal and human rights violations. Anti-discriminatory laws are in place in most countries around the world and punishable offences.

At the workplace environment, discrimination has been observed right from the recruitment stage to the retrenchment or dismissal one. Remuneration, terms and conditions, workplace environment (both physical environment and social environment), training, transfers, promotions and even retirement benefits are all affected by discriminatory action of the management supervisors and colleagues. discrimination

Sometimes, workers wrongfully accuse their superiors or managements of discriminating against them. This happens when they misconstrue the legitimate comments and feedback given by their managers about their work performance and work-related behaviour. Workers usually tend to take any comments personally, especially if it is negative. It is not the person or group that is commented on during the periodical performance appraisals but the behaviour or performance.

Discrimination is also seen at the national and international levels. Like the apartheid policy, the slavery of the blacks, the Jewish holocaust, the tribal massacres in Africa, the caste system and so on. These historic examples show the power of a few affected the lives and livelihoods of millions. This type of discrimination is classified into different ‘isms’, like sexism and racism. National and International laws and policies are also sometimes discriminatory to people who want to emigrate, work and live in places other than their hometowns or countries.

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