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Are you looking for some information on colleges? Or are you wondering whether to go in for higher studies or enter the job market? Here are a few pointers that could help you make up your mind. Colleges are higher education institutions. they include other post-high school institutions, like vocational schools, trade schools, and career colleges. At the end of the course in a college, the successful students are awarded academic degrees or professional certifications.

What are the types of colleges?

Colleges are of different types. The education in these institutions include teaching, research, rigorous applied work like in medical and dental schools. The education in colleges is for the undergraduate student and also the graduate students undergoing a postgraduate course. The graduate level colleges are often referred to as graduate schools in the U.S. The undergraduate colleges could conduct two-year courses and four year courses. U.S. universities and colleges offer flexibility in the selection of courses and also the option for students to move from college to another, according to their interests. It is quite common to see students doing the first two years of a degree at one college, usually a community college, and finishing the course in another college.

The factors that are important for selecting a suitable college

Your aim should be to select a college that is the most suitable for you in three most important factors.

  • Affordability of fees and other expenses,
  • academic courses and supportive teaching that allows you to achieve the highest levels and
  • a campus culture which makes you feel most comfortable and happy.

Tuition and other fees in U.S. colleges

About 44% of all full-time undergraduate college students study in four-year colleges that charge less than $9,000 per year for tuition and fees. On the other hand, another 28% of the students are studying in private, non-profit colleges that charge $36,000+ per year. However, these private colleges could also have larger endowments and grant aid that could be available to students to offset the high costs. The average yearly costs of tuition and fees at most two-year colleges is about $2,963. There are also a few colleges that charge no tuition fees or award full scholarships to cover the tuition costs.

Other benefits of college education

collegesMany students graduating from schools ask the question: Is it worthwhile to struggle through another four years of rigorous education at high costs than entering into employment immediately? To answer this question, one must find out how the economics of college education works and its effect on the future earnings. Although college fees have been rising steadily, many students are able to get grant aid or scholarships to help pay the fees.

Furthermore, if we compare the median cumulative earnings of high school graduates to that of college graduates, we find that, by the time they are 33 years old, the college graduate is not only earning much more than the high school graduate, but has also made up the expenses of the college and the four years of not working. And, of course, it is not only the money that is important. There are also other positive outcomes of college education like the knowledge, fulfilment, self-awareness, and broadening of horizons.  One should not equate higher education with job training. It is vastly different and adds richness to our lives and to the society that we live in.

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