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Do you need help with choosing a topic or writing an essay? You are at the right place. Below are some general guidelines on how you can choose a topic. If you would however want to order a paper from our writing service, please visit

The research topic is the most important part in writing a term paper. Most students are stymied when it comes to selecting their research topic.  But if you take it one step at a time, it becomes easy.

The first step it to brainstorm and put down all the ideas about the subject on a paper. Generally this would be a guide to find out where your thoughts are directed and which thoughts seem more important. Read up the background information on the topics that seem more interesting to you at your library, or do a web search of articles, journals, books and other databases.

The next step is to pick out a topic that seems to be the most interesting to you, keeping in mind not to choose a topic that has an adequate scope for research. Remember that if the topic is too general, it would create a vast amount of data that would become cumbersome and if it too specific, there may not be much available data on it for a proper research.

Keywords generation is very useful at this stage to keep the focus of your research on  the projected path. Keywords are those words or phrases that best describe your topic.

Sometimes, you may want to change or modify your topic as you progress with the research. This is natural and happens to most researchers. But if you keep changing the topic very often, your general focus will be lost and it may lead to frustration.

You should now be able to express your research topic into a proper research question. This is the basis on which you will build your research. The research question should have the proper focus on the area of the research and what exactly you are investigating.

Once the research question has been drafted finally, it is time to get back to reading and collecting data on the topic. The keywords you have selected would make this easies by focussing on the topic.

The last step in your research topic section would be the formulation of hypothesis. This is nothing but assumptions of what you expect to find from your research on the topic or the answer to your research question. The hypothesis would state the purpose of your research and show the goals towards which your research is directed.

A lot of care should be taken in writing the title of the paper, which should express the focus, significance and purpose of your research. It should not be too long or too short and should attract the attention of the readers and incites them to carry on reading and evaluating the rest of the content.

Choosing a research topic may appear challenging and frustrating. Our section on research paper topics could provide you with a lot of ideas. If it is still difficult, leave it to our professional writing services to write custom papers for you.

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