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Last modified: October 26, 2015

Discipline on the campus is very essential to promote and enhance a more beneficial social behavior. This would produce a congenial atmosphere to help students achieve better learning which in turn would produce better grades.

Campus Discipline is three sided: it needs the involvement of the students, teachers as well as the parents, each in their own way. An appeal to students, parents and teachers to promote discipline in the campus and to become contributors to a progressive environment for learning would be an effective way to ameliorate the discipline issues on the campus. Suggestions could be offered on the role of each of these stakeholders in maintaining discipline.

The students must be asked to develop competence and practice self-control. They must be encouraged to strengthen their aims and the directions in which they envisage their future lives to progress. They must be persuaded to cultivate care and concern for others and become proactive. They must realize the consequences of their actions on the others in the campus and also how these would reflect in their personal development.

Teachers have a crucial role to play in maintaining discipline and in preventing untoward incidents even before they happen by taking proper precautions and planning. Inside the classroom, it is only the well-organized teacher who can maintain a proper environment for learning. For this, the lessons should be prepared to address the differences in the abilities of the students and gain and maintain their interest. The teaching methods that require active learning and keep the students busy with meaningful, realistic, manageable as well as achievable tasks are more effective in maintaining order than punishments. Codes of conduct that are acceptable and the areas of unacceptable conduct must be delineated right in the beginning. Early neutralizing of attention-seeking behaviors would prevent uncontrollable situations. A well-ordered timetable of work would see that there is no time for disruptive activities and judicious attitude in the rewards and punishments would reinforce desirable behavior. As Brian Tracy said, “Develop the winning edge; small differences in your performance can lead to large differences in your results.”

Parents should sustain a positive emotional tone showing warmth and affection for the child and take active interest in their activities. Consistent response to similar behavior and in times and patterns of daily routines is very important. Overt respect and including the child in decision making would encourage tractability and improve long-term moral judgment.

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