Basic Factors of Delegation

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A manager or supervisor with a group of people or team working under his command has to delegate or distribute the work among them. But simply making others do one’s work is not proper delegation. In order that the assignment is carried out to the expected standards with no loss of enthusiasm or involvement in the work, a responsible supervisor should place a lot of importance on the eight basic factors of delegation:

The first and foremost factor is in the selection of the proper person/s for the job. This is the most crucial factor in delegation because the very success of the job depends on the proper qualifications, skill and training of those who are selected to carry it out. Other elements like being a good team-worker are also important as the individuals in the group should mesh together and be able to do the work without any problems among themselves. So, the manager or leader should consider all these aspects while selecting the delegates for the job in hand.

The next factor is the implicit and explicit trust that must be placed on the member who has been delegated the job. Lack of faith in the doer would damage the employee’s self-confidence and involvement in the job. The supervisor has to learn to let go of the job and trust the employee to carry it out to the anticipated level, instead of constantly trying to control or interfere. The employee would not only resent the unwelcome intrusion, it would also bring down his efficiency and confidence levels.

But, the very job of a supervisor is monitoring and evaluating the work that must be done. A good supervisor knows how to do these without being officious or domineering. By proper evaluation and monitoring, the employees would be rendered prepared and systematic in their work.

 The goals and standards set for the assignment have to be made known to each person in the group, so that they all understand the objectives. The manager must himself set a good benchmark, which would serve as a motivation. The motivation can be sustained only if the expectations are apparent to everyone.

Communication is another significant factor, as it only an unambiguous, frank and two-way communication system that would help in the proper exchange of information for facilitating and expediting the job at hand.

Feedback such as comments, criticisms or advice must be measured to the needs of the employee. It must be remembered that the more experienced would need less feedback than the newly appointed employee. Unnecessary feedbacks would only serve to antagonize the employee and alienate him.

The delegates must be made aware of the actual rewards that would accrue to those who accomplish the task commendably. This has to be done right at the beginning to act as a motivating and sustaining factor.

Lastly, they must also know and anticipate the due reproofs for not completing their tasks according to the expectations.

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