Analysis of Google Rankings using SEO data

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Last modified: October 26, 2015

Search engines such as Google are in common use nowadays for attracting visitors to websites because most internet users use search engines to find their desired products or services

instead of directly going to the websites, because the websites addresses are unknown to them. So being listed in the search engines is a major advertisement and publicity for websites. When a user searches for something on the search engines, they get thousands or even millions of results that are listed page-wise. But it is an observed fact that most searchers confine their visits to the websites listed on the first one or two pages. It is here that page listings and rankings become of paramount importance, especially to e-commerce websites that they are visible on the first page itself to attract more customers. What are the most effective techniques websites can use to get top ranks on the results listing page?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) competitions can be used to study which web pages are ranked for specific keywords. It was observed that six factors out of 200 or so used by Google are the most important: the number of pages indexed by the search engine in the website, Google PageRank algorithm based on the number of in-links, the number of in-links to the website, the age of the domain name of the website, listing in the Yahoo and directories, and number of pages listed in the popular bookmarking sites such as

The quality of the pages turn out more important for ranking than the number of pages to achieve high page ranks. The results for the number of in-links in a page seemed to vary on different websites for ranking it higher. Websites with older domain age study rank higher and the SEOs regard it as an important element. Listing in the DMoz, Yahoo directories take more time but those eventually gets a higher rank for the website Bookmarking on sites such as demonstrate a encouraging trend to higher ranking and are often used by SEOs.

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