Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional and Community Policing Methods

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Last modified: October 26, 2015

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Traditional policing methods belong to the reactive tactics category and they visit the crime scene only when sent for by citizens. But they are quicker in their response time. As traditional police distance themselves from the society in order to maintain their neutrality and justice, they do not cultivate any type of relationship with the community members. Prejudice and bias could hamper impartial justice. They are dedicated to their jobs of crime fighting and set their goals and focus only on this one subject.

However, because of the emphasis centralization, control, and professional isolation from the community, their mission statement underlines only the security of life and property and neglects the collaboration with the community. Lack of or weakness in maintaining relationships with the community, leads to the lack of strong relationships even among the officers, who are assigned to ‘community relations’ projects, and the other officers.

Community Oriented Policing (COP) and Problem Oriented Policing (POP) belong to the proactive group and focus on developing and maintaining relationships with the community. Because of the decentralized governance, the individual officers gain more scope for their won initiatives. Their mission statement, while emphasizing on the protection and security of persons and property, and in arresting offenders and enforcing law and order, also calls for building strong and proactive partnerships with the community for fighting crime and solving law and order problems.

The two main disadvantages of COP and POP are their cost factors and the longer response times. But in the present circumstances with the rapidly increasing numbers of immigrants from diverse cultures, races and languages, crammed into congested, substandard accommodations and neighbourhoods in the cities, Community-Oriented Policing is of paramount importance, in order to develop a relationship of mutual trust and respect, supplanting the suspicion and fear between the police and the neighbourhood in which it operates. Both the community as well as the police would be able to amass a lot of benefits by the adoption of the COP and POP methods.

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